Joel Hall Breathing Floor Barre Online Course


The world is calling on you to follow your soul. So the question is: are you ready for it?

For 44 years, instructor Joel Hall has been teaching, refining, and perfecting his unique, world-renowned style of Urban Jazz Dance—one of the last true Jazz dance styles available in the 21st century.

But now, for the first time ever, Joel Hall and artistic director Jacki Sinclair have assembled the best of their expertise into one course so that you can:

  • Get certified in the world-renowned Joel Hall style of dance, get noticed by studios, and elevate your career

  • Make a real living doing what you love, day-in and day-out

  • Get a complete, ready-to-teach syllabus—perfected from top to bottom for 44 years (so you don’t have to)

  • Teach yourself a codified technique that’ll focus on strength, flexibility, and longevity so that you (and your students) can feel and perform their best, not just for a few years—but for life.

From Joel, it’s his livelihood, his passion, and—more relevantly—his legacy. Armed with the spark, the rigor, and the technique, you’ll play a key part in spreading that legacy.

We couldn’t be more excited for you to begin.

An Online Class to Elevate Your Dance Career—44 Years in the Making

This is an online course to be worked at your own pace. It is offered for a limited time.